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It takes a large team of volunteers to create, organize, judge, and host the SASEE Awards program each year.  The following individuals from the Lake Oswego Rotary Club have contributed their time and energy to this valuable cause. The Lake Oswego Rotary Club, as a whole, has been invaluable in lending their support throughout the year, while the SASEE program was established and implemented.


Eric Allenbaugh
Malcolm Mathes



SASEE Committee

Bill Baars

Alan Bazzaz

Heather Beck

Terri Childress

Tina Colson

Deanne Crone Knipple

Jeremy Davis

Nell Diamond

Keith Dickerson

Cheryl Dotten

Paul Graham

Teri Graham

Lora Helmer

Jake Jacobs

Ann Jorling

Lynne Larson

Bob Liddel

Jackie MacGregor

Taylor Murdoch

Linda O’Neill

Dave Riback

Melody Rose

Gary Stein

Joshua Tomeoni

Gwen Turchi

Peter York


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