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Nine-year old Melanie Gabriel-Hastings responding to her $500 Student SASEE Award

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Lake Oswego Rotary Club

SASEE Primary Nomination Form

The ideal SASEE nominee demonstrates a commitment to education through projects, activities, and work that emphasize Service Above Self and inspires us to be better people.  Because our public and private schools are considered to be a community treasure, the Rotary SASEE Awards focus exclusively on educators, support staff, students, and citizens engaged in services or projects in public and private educational facilities within the boundaries of Lake Oswego. 

Citizen, Educator & Support Staff nominees may live outside of Lake Oswego boundaries. Student nominees must attend school within Lake Oswego boundaries. All projects and activities for which individuals are nominated must be directly associated with a K-12 public or private school or university within the City of Lake Oswego boundaries. Pre-school programs, home-school programs, and service-above-self activities outside of public or private Lake Oswego schools are not currently eligible for SASEE awards.

I am nominating the following individual for the 2018 SASEE Awards:

Nominee Name (Required) *
Nominee Name (Required)
Select the Category for Your Nominee: *
Which of the following "Service Above Self" criteria below apply to the nominee?
Respond to all of the criteria below which apply, providing details, references, and/or examples. (Evaluation points will be awarded for each of the six criteria.)
Please describe the nominee in relation to any relevant questions listed below: a. To what extent did the nominee initiate the activity or show personal initiative in performing it? b. Did the nominee invest significant time in the activity? c. What efforts did the nominee exhibit in accomplishing the activity? d. Were there significant obstacles the nominee overcame in accomplishing the activity? e. What new insights/skills did the nominee develop from the experience?
Please describe the nominee in relation to any relevant questions listed below: a. What other community activities outside of the classroom does nominee participate in? b. Is the nominee involved with non-school activities that make an impactful community benefit? c. Does the nominee contribute to a positive learning environment that impacts others?
Please describe the nominee in relation to any relevant questions listed below: a. How does the nominee’s activity reflect an understanding of the importance of serving others? b. How is the nominee an inspirational leader among his/her peers? c. How does the nominee engender support and respect of other involved stakeholders?
Please describe the nominee in relation to any relevant questions listed below: a. How does the activity create an environment built on mutual trust, empowerment, critical thinking? b. How does the activity demonstrate and engender high educational ideals? c. How many participants benefit or have benefited from this activity? d. How was the nominee effective in communication, organization, creativity, use of resources? e. Are there any quantitative results demonstrating the success of the activity?
Please describe the nominee in relation to any relevant questions listed below: a. How did the nominee motivate citizenship in others? b. How did the nominee engage others in a way that increased talents and self esteem? c. How did the nominee demonstrate citizenship-building skills/methods?
Please describe the nominee in relation to any relevant questions listed below: What special training did the nominee pursue to accomplish the activity? a. How did the nominee’s activity result in a successful model for others to follow? b. How will the nominee’s activity continue into the future?
Is there anything you would like to add, not addressed in your answers above? Is there anything you’d like to emphasize about your nominee’s qualifications?
Because a large number of highly qualified individuals will be nominated for SASEE Awards, it is necessary for the selection committee to receive at least one supporting nomination form for each nominee. Please contact one or two other individuals who are familiar with your nominee and request that they complete the SASEE Supporting Nomination Form available on this website -- Both primary and supporting nomination forms are due by 1/10/18. In the box below, include the following information about who your supporting nominator will be: Name: Address: Email:
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The Lake Oswego Rotary Club thanks you for taking the time to recognize an individual who demonstrates “Service Above Self” in support of education in our community. All the nominees will be carefully considered by a select panel of judges who will identify the finalists and ultimately select those to whom awards will be given. We are hopeful that you and others will be able to join us at the SASEE Awards Banquet scheduled for February 28, 2018, at Marylhurst University, to honor and celebrate the SASEE finalists.