To nominate a candidate, click the following link – PRIMARY NOMINATION

Nominee Eligibility
– Service Above Self projects and activities for which individuals are nominated must be affiliated with public or private schools or a university within the City of Lake Oswego boundaries.
– Citizen, Educator & Support Staff Nominees may live outside of Lake Oswego boundaries.
– Student Nominees may live outside Lake Oswego, but must attend school within Lake Oswego boundaries.
– Previous Nominees are eligible. (Previous SASEE Award Recipients are not eligible.)
– Pre-school programs and home school programs are not currently eligible for SASEE awards.

The Evaluation Process
A team of judges reads through the nomination and supporting nominations for each nominee. A scoring matrix is used by each judge. Each category is considered separately. Nominees are initially ranked by score, then discussed until judges reach a consensus.

SASEE Award Categories

  • Teacher/Administrator Award – $1000 applied toward their school or service activity
  • Support Staff Award – $1000 applied toward their school or service activity
  • Student Award – $1000 applied toward their school or service activity
  • Individual Community Citizen/Volunteer Award – $2,500 student scholarship given in their name

Evaluation Criteria
The Nominee, through his or her project or activity, should demonstrate “Service Above Self” in one or more of the following five areas:

  1. Shows initiative, yet demonstrates selfless conduct toward others
  2. Inspires others to a high level of educational excellence & development
  3. Builds a sense of confidence, competence and citizenship in others
  4. Creates results-driven activities that leave a positive legacy
  5. Participates at a high level in community and school-related activities

‚ÄúService Above Self: Educational Excellence”