Our Vision

Education champions should be recognized.

Education is a foundational component in the work all Rotarians do to make the world a better place. As part of that effort, the Lake Oswego Rotary Club believes in recognizing the incredible work of educators, students, and strong supporters of education in our own community.

It is with great enthusiasm that the Lake Oswego Rotary Club announces the 6th annual SASEE awards program honoring educators and those supporting education. Titled “Service Above Self: Educational Excellence” (SASEE), the SASEE Awards program is our way of saying: “Thank you! We are acutely aware of the importance of your work and dedication to this community. We are so very proud of you all.”

The SASEE Awards program, first celebrated in 2017, is intended to recognize and honor three categories of individuals: 1) Teachers, Administrators or Instructional Assistants; 2) Students, and; 3) Citizens affiliated with Lake Oswego public and private schools. The ideal nominee demonstrates a commitment to education through projects, activities and work that emphasize service above self, and inspires us to be better people.

Educator award recipients will be awarded $1,000 to apply toward their school or service activities. Student awardees will be awarded $1,000 to apply toward their school or service activity. A student scholarship of $3,000 will be established in the name of each Citizen awardee to support the college education of a current high school student.

The SASEE Awards are based on exemplifying one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Shows initiative and demonstrates selfless conduct toward others
  • Inspires others to improve, grow and/or attain educational excellence
  • Builds a strong sense of confidence, competence and/or community awareness in others
  • Generates measurable impacts that leave a positive legacy
  • Steady, long-standing, and active participation in community and school related activities

We are seeking nominations of champions of education in our schools and community who deserve to be recognized and honored for their service. The finalists and recipients in each of the categories will be honored at the 6th annual SASEE Awards in the Spring of 2022.

All nominees will be carefully considered by a select panel of judges who will select those to whom awards will be given. Please note that our esteemed SASEE award winning alumni of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 are not eligible to receive a SASEE award in the upcoming year.

Thank you for supporting this initiative to honor educators, students and community members who are making a valuable difference in education.

Malcolm Mathes and Deanne Crone Knipple
Co-chairs, SASEE Awards Committee

“Service Above Self: Educational Excellence”