Dedicated Rotarians and community leaders with a passion for education.

2024 Team

It takes a large team of volunteers to create, organize, judge, and host the Educational Excellence Awards program each year.  The following individuals from the Lake Oswego Rotary Club and community leaders have contributed their time and energy to this valuable cause. The Lake Oswego Rotary Club, as a whole, has been invaluable in lending their support throughout the years, and at the time the Educational Excellence Award program was first established and implemented.

Malcolm Mathes
Brian Bice




Julia Adams - Lakeridge High School Liaison

Bob Bates - Past Judge Chair

Alan Bazzaz - Chair -Sponsorship Committee

Carol Chabuk – Sponsorship Committee

Rick Czerniejewski - Communications

Taylor Finney-  Lake Oswego High School Liaison

MaryKay Larson – Executive Director of Communication LO School District

Bob Liddell – Awards & Sponsorship

Linda Mathes - Judge Chair

Becky Owens – Marketing to Schools



Dr. Jennifer Schiele – Lake Oswego Schools Superintendent

Susan Stohl – Marketing to Schools, Sponsorship

Whitney Woolf – Executive Director Lake Oswego Schools Foundation

Skip O’Neill – Rotary President 2023-2024

Student Interns
Sophie Howard, Lake Oswego High School

Social Media
Sue Linnerooth


Website Volunteers
Joy Strull and Brian Strull

“Educational Excellence Awards”