SASEE 2019 Award Winners

Champions for making a real impact in education and in the lives of others.

2019 SASEE Award Recipients & Finalists

On February 27, 2019, the individuals listed on this page were recognized by the Lake Oswego Rotary Club and by members of their immediate and extended community for their significant contributions to improving education and modeling good citizenship.   To read the Lake Oswego Review article announcing the honorees and their contributions to excellence in education, follow this link. To see a picture of each honoree and read a brief summary of each individual’s examples of service above self in educational excellence, click on the individual’s name.

Support Staff Recipients

Brent Paul

Support Staff Finalists

Sierra Vila

Carla Parker

Citizen Recipients

Kirsten Carnese

Sarah Howell

Kerstan Ruffer

Citizen Finalists

Bob Barman

Susan Ford

Kathleen Mayfield

“Educational Excellence Awards”