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2024 Nominations Now Open

Nine-year old Melanie Gabriel-Hastings responding to her $500 Student SASEE Award
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The purpose of the Educational Excellence Awards is to identify and honor individuals who make extraordinary contributions of service in support of the educational opportunities provided to our children by our community’s schools.

Please read the following before starting the nomination form listed at the bottom of the page.

What is the criteria for nomination?

  • Nominee has made a substantial and long-standing contribution to education in our community
  • Nominee has not received an award previously
  • Nominee has performed outside of or beyond their job description or impacted a large number of people at once or throughout their time of service

What do I need to complete a nomination?

  • The form takes about 30 minutes to complete from start to finish. We suggest gathering the relevant information listed below and then sitting down to fill out the form
  • You will need the contact information for the nominee, including name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and job title
  • Other information about the nominee that is helpful to writing a clear nomination
    • how long they have been serving in the capacity for which they are being nominated
  • We suggest you reach out to others who know the nominee in the capacity for which they are being nominated and compile notes regarding the nominee’s efforts or service
  • Details and specifics are important to writing a strong nomination

Please consider:

  • There are no interviews as part of the SASEE selection process. Your nomination may be the ONLY evidence considered for this candidate if no other submit a nomination on behalf of the same nominee
  • We encourage you to include details of the service (numbers, names, events, etc.) as well as descriptives. Keep in mind your nomination is the ONLY evidence considered for this candidate if no other nominations are submitted on behalf of the same nominee.
  • There are many people in our community who are exceptional at doing their jobs. The Awards seek to recognize those who go above and beyond in terms of effort, time, scope or impact.
  • If your nominee doesn’t fit the criteria above, please keep them in mind for future years when they have had more longevity of service or impact

If you have any questions before nominating someone or while writing your nomination, please reach out to us at

Select the Category for Your Nomination:

Upon clicking the category, the nomination form will be displayed.

  • - teacher, administrator, or instructional assistant at a school within the city of Lake Oswego
  • - attends school within the city of Lake Oswego
  • Citizen- demonstrates support of educational excellence within the city of Lake Oswego

“Educational Excellence Awards”