2018 Community Citizen

Larry Bowman

Larry Bowman, Citizen Honoree

Larry is a retired Lake Oswego High School teacher and coach but continues to mentor students at all grade levels.  Years ago, he started the Job Seekers program which helps people transition jobs or careers. Larry recruited volunteer mentors and continues to organize weekly help sessions at the Lake Grove Presbyterian Church. He works with clients on interviewing and application-writing skills, arranges for guest speakers, and provides inspirational messages in group and individual settings —all without compensation. His personal mission in teaching and coaching is to help others help themselves get even better.

Courtney Clements

Courtney Clements, Citizen Honoree

Courtney has a history of volunteerism in Lake Oswego with a focus on improving academic programs and facilities for students.  Since 2006, Courtney has helped the Art Literacy program at Oak Creek Elementary and Lake Oswego Junior High.  In 2011, Courtney created the position of VP of Sustainability for the Oak Creek PTA.  She has helped Oak Creek get certified as an Oregon Green School and coordinated the installation of the school’s native garden.  For the past 10 years, Courtney has advocated in Salem for stable, adequate school funding for all of Oregon.  Most recently she has worked on Measure 98 to fund career and technical education and dropout prevention programs.

Laura Kosloff

Laura Kosloff, Citizen Honoree

For the past 10 years, Laura has been volunteering at Lake Oswego High School.  She has been the PTO Volunteer Coordinator and a coach for the Constitutional Law class and Mock Trial team. She has helped get both teams to the state championships. Laura has also hosted more than a dozen high school exchange students as a regional coordinator of the largest high school exchange program in the U.S.  Laura stated that “To be part of a program like SASEE which focuses on commitment to education and volunteerism is an honor. It’s gratifying to know that the volunteer efforts in the schools are appreciated.”

Amy Mai

Amy Mai, Citizen Honoree

Amy’s volunteer efforts include Girl Scout troop leader, Cub Scout den leader, and coordinator of the Oregon Battle of the Books and Lake Oswego Robotics events at Westridge Elementary.  She has a passion for enriching children’s lives and helping them explore new and creative outlets.  Her nominator described her as having a “positive, upbeat and calm demeanor, which allows children to thrive under her guidance…she encourages them to think freely, listen to those around them, and build off each other’s ideas…Amy does all of her work never seeking any recognition. She selflessly gives of her time, knowledge, and passion asking nothing in return.”

Aaron Nigel Smith

Aaron Nigel Smith, Citizen Honoree

Aaron’s mission for the past 15 years has been to demonstrate and promote peace through the performing arts.  Through his group, 1 World Chorus, Aaron has reached children not only in Portland but also in New York, Los Angeles, Kenya, and Jamaica.  With the Peace Village program, he helps hold camps to teach children how to resolve conflicts peacefully with tools, including music, as they face violence online, in schools and in the streets.  Aaron has also been the leader of Rox in Sox Children’s Music & Book Festival that provides families in the U.S. and Jamaica the chance to enjoy free music and more.

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