2019 Staff

Brent Paul

Brent Paul - 2019 Support Staff Recipient

Brent serves as the Director of Facilities Operations for the Lake Oswego School District. Brent epitomizes the philosophy of “service above self” through his work ethic, commitment to the students, parents, and staff of the school district, and his desire to make a positive impact on those around him. Brent has been described as “working tirelessly” to “ensure everyone’s success.” He fosters a sense of support and value for everyone’s hard work. Not one to be content with the status quo, he is always looking for ways to improve his department and their service to the schools.

Sierra Avila

Sierra Vila - 2019 Support Staff Finalist

Sierra has been an avid supporter of the Hunger Fighters Food Pantry. In her role as a building engineer at Lakeridge Junior High, she ensures that she or another staff member is present to provide volunteers access to the pantry. She is always ready to offer a helping hand by carrying heavy loads, hanging the banner, ensuring the school sign has the hours of operation visible and attending logistics meetings for the pantry. She has advocated for students to get proper nutrition at school and has taken on a few high needs Special Education students to help her in the cafeteria to build positive social interactions and self-esteem.

Carla Parker

Carla Parker - 2019 Support Staff Finalist

Carla serves as a special education para-educator in the ACCESS program at Lake Grove Elementary School. She tirelessly and compassionately helps special needs children navigate the school day, participate in activities, and access learning opportunities. Carla goes beyond the call of duty in her dedication to students, using social stories to help them with communication stories, establishing daily communication with parents, providing support with difficult learning tasks, and developing strong, empowering relationships with students.

“Educational Excellence Awards”